Identity Communications

These emails are sent out to DSAs and Identity Coordinators to keep them aware of their respective responsibilities. The included table provides the UFID, Condition, Name, eduPersonPrincipalName (similar to GLID), and Days to Act. The Days to Act field tells how much time remains before any required action is expected to be taken.  Most conditions give a fourteen (14) day lead to act in a timely manner. (Zero or a negative number indicates that these conditions should be immediately handled.)

The UFID provides a clickable link and goes to Manage Identity Information in MyUFL and inserts the chosen UFID. The menu can be used to review information such as ‘Department Affiliations’. If you do not have access to this menu, contact

For DSAs the Condition provides a clickable link and goes to Certify Roles in MyUFL and brings up the chosen person. This displays all of their roles for review and at the bottom you can choose to certify or make changes.

Most reported conditions require an action. Examples Include:
Account: Expired Account
Account: No Valid Affiliation
ARS: Overdue Certification
ARS: Job Action Certification
ARS: Periodic Certification

Other reported conditions require review and will likely prompt an action. Examples Include:
Account: Review Expiring Affiliation
Affiliation: Expiring with Security
Affiliation: Expiring

Job Data may be available here:  Job Report

*There are no automated processes to remove roles. All role removal must be submitted manually.*
DSAs will primarily handle conditions through making requests or certifying existing security in ARS. (Expired Account conditions needing to have security removed may have to be re-affiliated to the department before DSAs will be able to act on them. Have an Identity Coordinator add a 1-day volunteer affiliation so the appropriate request can be made.) The condition Account: Review Expiring Affiliation doesn’t necessarily require any action to be taken, but should be reviewed in case it will impact the security of the individual and the university. If no change is necessary to the account, you can prevent future notifications of that condition by certifying the existing security.

Identity Coordinator
Identity Coordinators will primarily handle conditions by modifying affiliations which is done in the Manage Identity Information page in MyUFL. Affiliations with a total duration of less than 31 days will be not be included in these communications. Individuals with ‘YES’ in the ARS column of the emails have been assigned DSA requested roles, and any significant change to their affiliation should be coordinated with the DSA.  Expiring conditions can be addressed by ending them immediately, renewing them, or allowing them to naturally expire.  (Tip: If you have an ‘Expiring’ Condition that is meant to end on it’s specified date and not sooner, you can remove and re-add the affiliation with the same end date. You will no longer receive Identity Communications regarding that affiliation because it’s duration will be less than 31 days.)