Shibboleth Docs

UF Federation Version 3 IdP Metadata

These files are provided for those services that need UF IdP metadata to provide to or compare with their vendor:  Shib v3 metadata

Access Release Policies


ARP Basics Shibboleth Attributes Released with Each ARP Proposed and Future Attributes Attribute Release Control Each Application has exactly one responsible party. A responsible party may have many applications An […]
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Shibboleth Data Flow

Operational Diagram

The figure below shows basic Shibboleth data flow beginning with a user requesting service from a service provider web site. Using Shibboleth, the service provider does not request the user […]
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UF Authentication GatorLink Login

Example Login Screens

Web Login Screen New web login screen effective November 6th, 2016: Web login screen prior to November 6th, 2016:   Mobile Login Screen New mobile login screen effective November 6th, […]
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inCommon POP

Participant Operational Practices (POP)

Participation in the InCommon Federation (Federation) enables a federation participating organization (“Participant”) to use Shibboleth identity attribute sharing technologies to manage access to on-line resources that can be made available […]
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Shibboleth and Apache

Shibboleth and Apache

Instructions for Installing the Shibboleth Module on Redhat Linux Instructions for Apache .htaccess Information about Protecting Content
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Shibboleth and IIS 6

Prerequisites Windows 2003 R2 SP2 installed IIS6 Installed Installation steps Follow the installation and configuration instructions you received after the approval of your SP Run the installer and follow the […]
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Programming Examples

Variables and Coding Examples

Because of the diversity of applications, we’re only providing code snippets that print out the CGI environment, which will include Shibboleth data while a user is authenticated to the IdP. […]
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