Coordination Roles

Four roles are associated with the UF Identity Registry. These include:

  • Members: Anyone who has an entry in the UF Identity Registry. Individuals with a valid GatorLink username and password may use Update My Directory Profile in the myUFL portal under My Account, and are represented by one or more Identity Coordinators.
  • Identity Coordinators: Designated individuals who have been authorized to maintain identity registry information for people and organizations within a specified scope of authority.  Identity Coordinators use an application called Manage Identity Information in the myUFL system.
  • Identity Registry Administrator: An extremely limited number of individuals are charged with responsibility for managing the UF Identity Registry and all member affiliate data contained within the system. These individuals are authorized to access Administrator functions of the Identity Access Management application.
  • Unit Staff: Designated individuals may be authorized to view non restricted Identity Registry information for people and organizations within a specified scope of authority.

To support the administration of GatorLink Accounts, Roles and Permissions additional roles are associated with the UF Staff. These include:

  • Member Account Holder: Members of the university community defined in the Identity Registry who have applied for and recieved a GatorLink Account.  Individuals may perform self service fucntions related to their account. They are also responsible for their account use and health as specified in the university policies and standards.
  • Department Security Administrator (DSA):  Designated College and Department staff members will use the Access Request System to initiate requests to grant or remove access to administrative computer applications for people in their department, college or division.
  • ARS Role Approver:   Designated members of the UF Core offices who approve or deny access to specific roles related to their functional area.
  • ARS Conflicting Role Approver:   Designated high level members of the UF Core offices who approve or deny requests for a user to posess roles which break the normal rules for segregation of duties.  In these rare cases, the conflict approver will either approve with specific mitigating controls to be applied or deny the request.
  • ARS Security Administrator: Central Office Staff implements permissions and access to specific applications and application features.  Requests for access are processed through departmental staff, approved by application support staff, and then implementated within the specific technology requirement.
  • Helpdesk Staff:  Central IT staff  who provide phone, email and walk-in direct  support and consulting to faculty, staff, students and other affiliates within the University community. The Help desk will escalate, refer and track issues  to campus service providers.  They are first line of support for the technology user community at UF.


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