Primary Department ID, Primary Affiliation,
and Identity Registry Affiliations

Affiliations are a key concept in the UF Identity Registry. Affiliation types make it possible to document simultaneous relationships with the university in a single software product. Availability of date limitations and active/inactive flags will support many different uses for this data. There are two types of affiliations: Primary Affiliation and Identity Registry Affiliations, and one Primary Department ID associated with each UFID.

  • People and units are assigned a UFID, which is associated with a Primary Dept. ID before or in conjunction with, their entry being added to the UF Identity Registry.
  • Each member of the UF Identity Registry is associated with at least one Affiliation Type.
  • UF Identity Registry members may hold many simultaneous Affiliation Types and Personal Relations Types.
  • Each person’s highest Affiliation Type ranking is automatically designated as their Primary Affiliation.
  • UF Affiliatons Reference Chart