Email Provisioning

UF Business Email

For all University of Florida workforce (Faculty, Staff, Employees, UAA, Shands & all other DSO’s) your business email, the email location where the University communicates to you, must be (Normally the “value” is your GatorLink ID).


Exceptions to this rule include:,,,,, and,

If you have an exception that needs to be added to this list please contact the Identity Services Team.

*All students must have a UF Business Email of

Deliver-To Email Address

In order to meet legal and compliance obligations relating to security and retention of electronic records, the University of Florida prohibits the auto-forwarding of business-related electronic mail. The new General Counsel Policy was put forth Spring 2014, UFIT will provide support to help enforce new policy.

UF workforce will be able to set a ‘Deliver-To’ email address that follows the same guidelines as the above UF Business Email.


UF Business Email:                                Deliver-To Email:

You will be able to make changes to your UF Business or ‘Deliver-To’ email address by going to > Main Menu > My Account > Manage UF Business Email or by contacting your Identity Coordinator.

For most users your ‘Deliver-To’ will be set to, this is for your email to be routed into your exchange account. Until Webmail accounts are officially retired you should not edit your ‘Deliver-To’ address unless you have an external account, example:

*These new Business and Deliver-To Email rules will affect incoming workforce and those who wish to change either of these email addresses, all others that do not comply will be ‘grandfathered in’ until a future date.

Questions or Concerns:

Contact the UF Computing Help Desk at (352) 392-HELP(4357) or at

You may also visit the General Counsel Frequently Asked Questions page.