Retired Faculty Accounts

In order to fulfill the United Faculty of Florida Contract (Article 25 Section 9), UFIT will extend GatorLink ID and Email service to retired Faculty members.

To support this, UFIT has implemented a new affiliation of ‘Retired Faculty’ (283). This new affiliation will accompany the existing ‘Retiree’ (199) affiliation; however, unlike ‘Retiree’ this new ‘Retired Faculty’ affiliation will be eligible for a GatorLink ID and UF Email services ( address, and mailbox).  Users with this affiliation will have an Email Eligible Location of “Retired Faculty”, and can maintain their existing mailbox in either UF Exchange or GatorCloud Email.

  • If your department hosts its own mailbox service, and has provided mailbox service to the Retired Faculty member, you may choose to move the user’s mailbox to the central UF Exchange. Please contact the UF Computing Help Desk for help moving the user’s department-provided email service to a UF Exchange mailbox.

To minimize security risks these accounts will be disabled after a certain period of inactivity.

  • For email services, the user must log into their UF Exchange or GatorCloud Email mailbox every 6 months.  After 6 months, the user will be notified of the impending loss of service via both their business and personal email addresses on file with UF.  If those accounts continue to be inactive, UF will disable the mailbox and email address at the 7th month mark.
  • GatorLink accounts will be setup similarly, but on a longer 10 month inactivity requirement. As long as the users logs-in to their account within the specified time periods, their accounts will stay active.

NOTE – Logging into the UF Exchange mailbox will be sufficient activity to maintain BOTH the GatorLink Identity AND Email services.  GatorLink Identity (but not Email services) can also be maintained by logging into common UF services, such as myUFL.


If you have any questions or if your accounts have been disabled and you would like to activate them again please contact the UF Computing Help Desk.