UF authentication systems must support the most prevalent Web servers on campus, Apache, and IIS for Windows and Linux. The university needs to enable its departments and units to consume enterprise attributes for authorization of access in an efficient, scalable and secure manner. Shibboleth has been identified as an appropriate system for addressing these needs. By integrating Shibboleth with existing credential and attribute stores, we are able to meet the challenges of Web service authentication and authorization. Shibboleth users should be familiar with Identity Management Policies and the related standards and documents.


  • Implement Shibboleth for single sign on.  Eliminate the practice of local web pages accepting GatorLink credentials
  • Provide support to departments for their use of Shibboleth
  • Refit UF web based applications (Services Providers) to use Shibboleth.
  • Use Shibboleth for federated identity management for non-UF service providers
  • Use Shibboleth for federated identity management for non-UF identity providers to access UF provided services

About Shibboleth

  • Shibboleth – a product for Federated Access and a Consortium supporting the product and underlying technologies.
  • Shibboleth Demo – Brief video demo of Shibboleth features
  • Supported Browsers
    Browser TLS 1.2 supported (not enabled by default) TLS 1.2 support enabled by default
    Internet Explorer
    Version 8 (3/19/09)
    Version 11 (10/17/13)
    Microsoft Edge
    All versions

    Google Chrome


    Version 29 (8/20/13)

    Mozilla Firefox

    Version 23 (8/6/13)

    Version 27 (2/4/14)

    Apple Safari


    Version 7 (10/22/13)


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