Request a Certificate

There is a user manual and training content at the website: You may submit step 1, 2, and 3 information in a single email. Please contact the Certificate Administrators if you have any questions.

  1. Submit a college group to UF SSL certificate administration

    The first step for a unit to become enabled to manage and request certificates is to create a group name. This will create a college group per Campus IT director. An example of the data required includes:

    • College Name: Engineering, College of
    • Address: 220 Weil Hall, PO BOX 112345
    • City: Gainesville
    • State: Florida
    • Postal Code: 32611

    The Certificate Adminstrator reserves the right to alter the submitted college descriptive name. Name that are easily found in an alphabetic list are preferred. For example, College of Engineering may be entered as Engineering, College of.

  2. Submit domain(s) to associate with your college group

    Provide a list of domains you want to activate SSL certificates for in your unit. You can send as many as you like. At least one domain is required for initial setup. You may add others as you need to by submitting them to the Certificate Administrators. The preferred style of your submitted list of domains is like this:Domain: *, Description: College of Engineering website
    Domain: *, Description: Industrial Engineering website

  3. Submit the names of individuals in your college or unit group to create certificates for your department group

    The IT director should submit information for two or three individuals to be setup for their area. As a reminder, these individuals will be known as a Department Registration Authority Officers (DRAO) to the certificate management software. The information required for each individual should be submitted like this:

    • UFID: 00000099
    • GatorLink ID: algator
    • Business Email Address*:
    • Full Name of the proposed DRAO: Alligator, Albert T.
    • Phone number: 555-1383

    Your area may consider using a mail alias or mail list for the emails (example: of your DRAOs. This will make changes to DRAO for your unit staff easier to transition. Emails would be sent to the list.

    After an individual is added for the unit, the Certificate Administrators will contact the DRAO with an initial password and logon information.

Additional Resources

Certificate Discovery Tools are available for the unit DRAO to locate and manage certificate issued with InCommon and outside of InCommon. Please visit the InCommon Web site for the user guide.

Reports and Notifications are available from the certificate administration software application. Visit the InCommon Web site for more info on reports.

Creating and Managing Certificates as a DRAO is defined section 2 of in the user guide found at the InCommon site. University of Florida standards and policies should be observed when creating all certificates.