Approve Group ID List

Group ID Group Name
ADVC UF Advising Center
BRDG Enterprise Systems
BUDG Budgets
CNFL Conflict Approvals
CREF Citrus Research and Education
DIRE Directory
EFTR Effort Tracking
ERPT Enterprise Reporting
F4HF Florida 4-H Club Foundation
FCRD FL Citrus Res & Dev Fdtn, Inc.
FFSP Fl. Foundations Seed Producers
FIAM Financials-Asset Management
FIAP Financials-Accounts Payable
FIAR Financials-Accounts Receivable
FIBI Financials-Billing
FIBR Financials-Bank Reconciliation
FIEX Financials-Travel and Expense
FIGC Financials Grant Cost Analysis
FIGL Financials-General Ledger
FIGM Financials-Grants Management
FIGP Financials Grants Preaward
FIKK Financials-Commitment Control
FIPC Financials-Projects
FIPO Financials-Purchasing
FIPY Financials-Payroll
FISF Financials-Student
FISY Financial System Admin
FIVR Financials-Vendors
FLPT Florida Polytechnic University
HOUS Housing
HRBN HR-Benefits
HRER HR-Enterprise Reporting
HRFE HR-Faculty Events
HRHR HR-Human Resources
HRHS HR-Health & Safety
HRIM HR-Imaging
HRLA HR-Letter of Appointment
HRTR HR-Training
ISO1 Information Security Officer
QUER Query
SARC Student Records SIS
SDBA Student Database Administration
SECR Security
SHCC Student Health Care Center
SIAD Student Financial Aid
SISC Student Inf Sys Catalog
STAU UF Historic St. Augustine
SWRF SW Florida Research and Education Foundation
TCRF Treasure Coast Agricultural Research Foundation
UFCN UF Communications Network
UFFC UF Foundation Computing
UFFI UF Foundations Inc.
UFFP UF Facilitiy Planning & Construction
UFIC UF Investment Corporation
UFLC UF Law Center Association, Inc.
UFLD UF Development Corporation
UFLE UF Leadership & Education
UFRF UF Research Foundation
ZAST Astronomy Department