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Password Management

What is the GatorLink Password Management policy?
The policy, effective May 5, 2004, has several key elements:
  • Five levels of password policy (P1- P5)
  • The policy level you have is determined by your assigned user security role(s)
  • A strong password is required
  • The password is managed through the myUFL portal
  • For most people, a self-service reset is allowed if you forget your password and have stored a forgotten-password hint.
The policy document is available on-line at
Why do I need to change my GatorLink password more often?
There are five levels (P1, P2, P3, P4, and P5) of password policy. The higher the number, the higher your access to the myUFL systems and the more often you will be required to change your password. Please refer to the "Maximum age of password (in days)" attribute in the Password Complexity Standard to determine how often a password must be changed at each level.
What do you mean by a “strong” password?
A strong password is one that is difficult to obtain, guess, or determine. It is at least eight characters long and contains a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, digits, and punctuation/special characters. Your GatorLink password must contain at least three of those four elements and it cannot contain any words found in a dictionary. See Tips for Creating a Strong Password to help you get started. [embed][/embed]
What if I forget my GatorLink password?
Most people can store a forgotten-password hint in myUFL. Simply click on “My Account” in the myUFL Menu and then click on “Store My Password Hint.” You also may store a question and response as a password hint. If you forget your password, you can use the hint to reset your password in the myUFL portal. Those with a P5 password policy level will need to reset their password in person with picture ID at the UF Computing Help Desk in the HUB on Stadium Road.if they forget their password. If you are having difficulties please contact the UF Computing Help Desk, (352)392-HELP(4357).
How can I log on to the portal to use my password hint if I don’t remember my password?
At the GatorLink sign-on page, click on the “Forget Your Password?” link.
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