Social and UF Guest Login Accounts

Some continuing education systems at UF provide access to people who do no qualify for a Gatorlink account. To facilitate this, UF IAM provides the Cirrus login gateway to allow logins using certain non-UF social accounts (Microsoft, Google, LinkedIn) and UF Guest Login accounts in addition to Gatorlink accounts.

UF Social and Guest Accounts are currently being used in a very limited capacity, but IAM is looking into how we might be able to offer such options more broadly

Social Accounts

Social accounts allow people to use their existing non-UF account with Google, Microsoft, or LinkedIn to login. Social accounts are the preferred method for non-Gatorlink users to login.

UF Guest Login Accounts

These accounts are intended for use by those people who need non-Gatorlink access, but who are restricted from doing so with Social IDs by their employer, e.g. federal government employees.

This type of account will use an existing non-UF email address to establish a UF Guest Login account. All account operations are intended to be self-service using the existing non-UF email account as the means of performing account setup.

Note: UF Guest Login accounts are distinct from “Gatorlink Guest” accounts (temporary Gatorlink accounts for visitors needing short-term Gatorlink-based access)

Getting Help

For users who are already using or attempting to use a Social account or UF Guest Login account, please reach out to the UF Computing Help Desk for assistance.