What is the UFID?
Implemented in 2003, the UFID number is an identifier for all university faculty, staff, students, DSO staff, and other UF affiliates. The UFID is an eight-digit number displayed using a dash between the fourth and fifth digits, like this: 1234-5678.  The project was completed on January 21, 2003.
Why did UF introduce the UFID?
For many years, UF relied on the Social Security Number (SSN) to serve as an identifier for the people UF serves. Privacy advocates urged UF to adopt its own identifier and use SSN’s only for required purposes when dealing with outside agencies (e.g., federal reporting requirements). In 2001, a University task force convened by the provost studied the problem of replacing the SSN and recommended creation of the UFID number. Click here to view the recommendations. UFIDs were officially implemented on January 21, 2003.
Why did UF switch from using SSN to using the new UFID number?
The University of Florida is committed to protecting your privacy and strongly supports a growing national trend that prohibits the use of Social Security numbers (SSNs) as student or employee identification numbers. Many people are concerned with the problem of identity theft. This is just one small contribution the university has made to reduce the likelihood of this occurring.
Does the University continue to keep my SSN in their records?
Yes. Your Social Security number is still required by federal or state law for certain transactions such as payroll and financial aid. The use of SSNs has also been found to better identity you when creating/searching for UFIDs.
How can I find out my UFID number?
You can obtain your UFID number on–line by clicking on the "Click here to look up your UFID using your GatorLink ID and password" in the “What’s my UFID?” pannel. As a security measure, you must provide your GatorLink username and password. You may also find your UFID number in the myUFL portal under My Account > My Roles.
Do I need a GATOR ONE Card?
GATORONE Cards, which have the UFID number printed on the front, are issued to Students, Faculty, Staff, and DSO staff. The GATORONE Card gives you access to gated parking, libraries, computer labs, vending, Gator Dining, recreation centers, and many other places and services at UF. To find out more visit the GATORONE Card website.
How are UFID numbers assigned for new employees or students?
UFID numbers are assigned at the first point of contact, typically the Office of Admissions for student applicants and the Office of Human Resource Services for new hires. A UFID number is assigned to anyone who is affiliated with the university.
What is the difference between my GatorLink ID and my UFID?
Your UFID number is used to identify who you are. Your GatorLink username and password is used to access computer resources at the university.
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Department Administrators

What is the UF Identity Registry?
A campus-wide identity registry was created under the direction of the Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC) – Data Infrastructure and Administrative Computing Committee. The UFID numbering system is managed through the UF Identity Registry. This registry is the single, authoritative source for contact information about individuals. The practice of maintaining data in this database is known as Identity Management.
Who has authority to assign UFID numbers?
Each department or unit is able to designate a person or persons to serve as an Identity Coordinator. Identity Coordinators may serve as the “first point of contact” by adding new students, employees and others who are affiliated with the university to the Identity Registry. This action causes a UFID number to be assigned to the individual.
How can I make sure I don’t assign a UFID to a person who already has one?
As contact information about a particular person is entered using the Add Person function, (e.g., name, date of birth, address, organization UFID, etc.) the UFID assignment software will alert you if that individual already has a UFID. Searching by Name and DOB or Name and SSN will make it easier to avoid duplicate entries. In addition, the UF Identity Administrator will routinely check for any potential identity errors.
How does the UFID number work when a student does not have a SSN?
It works great! At the point of first contact, a UFID number will be assigned. This is a permanent number and will not change. For most students, this UFID assignment is likely to occur when the university accepts a valid application. International students must continue to work with the appropriate offices (e.g., Student Financial Affairs or International Student Services) to obtain a valid SSN.
Are UFID numbers for organizations different than UFID numbers for people?
Yes! Organization UFID numbers were initially set up to equal the full eight character code value using alpha numeric values. UFIDs assigned to people will continue to be restricted to numeric characters (i.e., zero through nine) as previously described.
Do I have to destroy paper files or forms that have an SSN included?
No, you do not have to destroy hard copy files or forms. However, any forms or files used after January 20, 2003 must not contain SSN data unless prior approval has been obtained. For clarification on this issue, please consult UF’s Privacy Office (352-273-1212).
Do I have to eliminate SSN from my old computer records?
Yes, you should replace SSN data with UFID numbers in all computer records. You should contact the UF Privacy Office (352-273-1212) for permission to store records (paper records or computer files) that contain Social Security numbers.
How do I get approval to continue using SSN data?
You should consult with the UF Privacy Office (352-273-1212) for authorization to continue using SSN data.
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Faculty and Staff

Can I post grades using the UFID number instead of the last four digits of SSN?
No. Identifiers including Social Security numbers and UFID numbers are not to be displayed with grades. Per requirements set forth by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), using partial ID numbers constitutes a breach of confidence.
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UFID Project

Who supported the project?
The Office of Information Technology sponsored the Identity Registry/UFID Project. Warren Curry was the UFID Project Manager. Willy Rechsteiner led the programming effort which involved developers from UF Information Systems who worked with staff from NERDC and the Health Science Center to produce databases, numbering and tools. Diane Craig led the communications effort to inform the university community about the new UFID number.
How was the work done?
Design, programming and documentation began in earnest in November 2001. A central group of developers associated with the project produced programming interfaces (APIs) and applications. Developers across UF met every other Friday in Frazier Rogers Hall. Literally thousands of software programs were changed to accommodate the change to UFIDs. Units across UF are modifying local processes, forms, software and databases to eliminate the unnecessary use of SSN and substitute UFID as appropriate.
When was the work done?
  • Application programming interfaces (APIs) were developed and made available beginning in June 2002 to help programmers prepare for conversion.
  • Individuals with valid Gator 1 Cards were assigned UFID numbers in October 2002.
  • A communication campaign to inform students, faculty, and staff of the new UFID number began in October 2002.
  • A web-based self-service interface for obtaining one’s UFID number was made available in November 2002.
  • A SSN-to-UFID translator (1189 on Admin Menu) was made available in December 2002.
  • identity  Coordinator training began January 7, 2003.
  • Conversion of major central systems to utilize new UF Identity Registry and implement UFID as identifiers occurred in January 2003.
  • Manage Identity Registry Information (1264) was available to Directory coordinators on January 21, 2003.
  • A self-service, web-based application that allows individuals to manage some of their own contact information was made available on January 21, 2003.
  • The Retrieve Departmental Affiliates (1266) application became available on February 4, 2003.
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