Identity Coordination

The university requires a secure and reliable method of identifying members of its community for access to electronic data resources. This requires collecting and maintaining identifying attributes, ensuring that electronic identities match the appropriate persons, and mechanisms to authenticate and authorize use of those identities.

College and department staff known as Primary Identity Coordinators and Identity Coordinators are responsible for creating and maintaining accurate contact and demographic information on individuals affiliated with the University of Florida.  Identity Administrators have the similar ability as coordinators but may be in contact with more restricted information that is not disclosed or changed often.

Departmental Security Administrator’s (DSA) are responsible for granting and removing roles and permissions for access to administrative computer applications for people in their department, college or division.  This is accomplished through use of the Access Request System (ARS) in myUFL,

In many cases, the Identity Coordinator and DSA are the same individuals.  This section of the website acts as a resource for those individuals.