Security Levels of UF Directory APIs

Applications must be registered before they will be allowed to access UF Identity Registry APIs. The following table is provided so campus software developers may identify which APIs are available at each of the three security levels.

Self-serve applications, designed to allow individuals to maintain elements of their own information, may access APIs designated with an S.

APIs marked with an I (Intermediate Level) may be approved for use with applications capable of accessing all information pertaining to many individuals with the explicit exclusion of data deemed to be sensitive. Social Security number is the only data field so categorized at this time. Requests to access to Intermediate Level APIs will be evaluated on the basis of defined operational requirements and an individual’s official function.

Administrative Level APIs (marked with an A), can be accessed by applications for all information pertaining to many individuals – including sensitive data. Access to Administrative Level APIs is strictly regulated. As an example, the University’s Human Resource Division and University Registrar’s office will be granted access to selected APIs because they are responsible for providing authorative data pertaining to individual’s identifier values.

These references are updated as APIs are developed.

BAUDD050 Obtain Person S, I, A
BAUDD051 Obtain Person Loaf S, I, A
BAUDD060 Maintain Person S, I, A
BAUDD061 Emergency Secure Person A
BAUDD062 Change Person Publish Information S
BAUDD063 Change Person Protection Information A
BAUDD064 Change Person Status A
BAUDD070 Add Person A
BAUDD080 Browse People by Name S, I, A
BAUDD090 Obtain Organization I
BAUDD091 Obtain Organization Loaf I
BAUDD100 Maintain Organization I
BAUDD101 Change organization publish information I
BAUDD102 Change Organization Protection Information I
BAUDD103 Change Organization Status I
BAUDD120 Browse Organization I
BAUDD130 Obtain Address S, I
BAUDD140 Maintain Address S, I
BAUDD141 Change Address Publish Information S
BAUDD150 Add Address S, I
BAUDD160 Browse Address I
BAUDD170 Obtain Phone S, I
BAUDD180 Maintain Phone S, I
BAUDD181 Change Phone Publish Information S, I
BAUDD190 Add Phone S, I
BAUDD200 Browse Phone I
BAUDD210 Obtain Email S, I
BAUDD211 Obtain Preferred Email S, I
BAUDD220 Maintain Email S, I
BAUDD221 Change Email Publish Information S, I
BAUDD230 Add Email I
BAUDD240 Browse Email I
BAUDD250 Identifier Translate I
BAUDD251 Obtain Identifier A
BAUDD260 Maintain Identifier A
BAUDD270 Add Identifier A
BAUDD280 Browse Identifier S, A
BAUDD290 Obtain Computer Access Identifier A
BAUDD300 Maintain Computer Access Identifier A
BAUDD310 Add Computer Access Identifier S, A
BAUDD320 Browse Computer Access Identifier S, A
BAUDD370 Obtain Name S, I
BAUDD380 Maintain Name S, I
BAUDD390 Add Name S, I
BAUDD400 Browse Name S, I
BAUDD490 Obtain Relationship S, I
BAUDD500 Maintain Relationship S, I
BAUDD510 Add Relationship S, I
BAUDD520 Browse Relationships S, I
BAUDD730 Obtain Extension S
BAUDD750 Add Extension S
BAUDD930 Associate Phone I