UF Identity Registry Applications

Several enterprise software applications have been created to support the UF Identity Registry.


Access to the self–service application is via the myUFL portal > My Account > Update My Directory Profile. A valid GatorLink username and password is required. Some information can be maintained via self–service, while other information cannot. This application can be used to add e–mail and mail addresses and phone numbers. Phone numbers can be associated with a particular address so it will be clear which phone is at which location. Publish data check boxes can be used to identify which specific information will be visible for public viewing.

Manage Identity Information

Manage Identity Information is an enterprise web–based application used by University Identity Coordinators to manage data for individuals and organizations within their predefined scope of authority. Access to the Manage Identity Information application is located in the myUFL portal > Identity Access Management. Identity Management > Manage Identity Information. Identity Coordinators are able to search for people and organizations, add people to the registry, manage profiles of those individuals and define roles describing how a particular individual is associated with their unit within the University of Florida. Please review the end user roles related to Manage Identity Information on the  Identity & Access Management Web site, Identity Coordination > Security Roles > End & Core User Roles > Identity Access Management page, under Identity Management Roles.

Application Access

Access to enterprise applications requires individuals to obtain authorization through the Access Request System through their unit’s Department Security Administrator

Note to Department Security Administrator: University Identity Administrators are the only people who will be granted unrestricted access to Administrator functions associated with Manage Identity Information or Retrieve Departmental Affiliate. Please review the Identity Coordinator End User Roles before assigning these roles to an individual. Complete DeptID information is required for all submissions to access to these applications. Full justification should be included with any request for DeptID–limited Administrative Privilege pertaining to anyone who is not a University Identity Administrator.