SSL & Code Certificates

This InCommon SSL certification program began in Spring, 2011. Using this program, any University of Florida domain may obtain SSL certificates at no cost to the host department. A license agreement funded by the university’s central IT division provides an unlimited number of certificates for the University of Florida through a contract with the InCommon Federation. The SSL certificates are issued from Comodo, via the InCommon agreement.

Each college and major unit director may assign two or three individuals within their area to administer the SSL certificates.

How does a department user get a SSL certificate?

To obtain SSL certificates, staff should contact the IT office for their respective college or unit. Each college and unit should have established, localized procedures. If there are issues finding a contact, the IAM SSL Certification group will assist you in locating the appropriate staff member for your college or unit. In most cases, certificates may be obtained within a few hours.

The process for a unit to become enabled to issue InCommon SSL certificates is an easy one. The college or unit director provides:

  • information regarding the college
  • the domains within that unit, and
  • the names of two or three individuals that should be given access to the Certificate Manager software tools. These individuals are known as Department Registration Authority Officers (DRAO) to the Certificate Manager software application
Follow the instruction on the Request a Certificate page to get a certificate.



Contact Unit: Identity Services, Information Security Office
Email: Identity Services Certificate Management