UF Affiliations Reference

UF AffiliationsEduPerson AffiliationsGatorlink ID EligibleMaximum Lifespan*
Consultant-Faculty (221)Faculty ‘F‘Y24 months
Faculty (192)Faculty ‘F‘YN/A
USPS Employee (193)Staff ‘T‘YN/A
TEAMS Employee (195)Staff ‘T‘YN/A
Consultant-Staff (220)Staff ‘T‘Y24 months
Emeritus (200)Employee ‘E‘YN/A
Courtesy Faculty (197)Employee ‘E‘YN/A
OPS Employee (194)Employee ‘E‘YN/A
Board of Trustee (204)Employee ‘E‘YN/A
Clinical Faculty (219)Employee ‘E‘YN/A
Athletic Association Employee (217)Employee ‘E‘Y24 months
UF Executive (205)Employee ‘E‘YN/A
SHANDS Employee (209)Employee ‘E‘YN/A
Direct Support Organization Employee (213)Employee ‘E‘Y24 months
Foundation Employee (218)Employee ‘E‘Y24 months
Pre Hire (290)Employee ‘E‘Y12 months
Recent Employee (236)Employee ‘E‘YN/A
Vendor (198)Member ‘M‘Y24 months
Continuing Education Student (237)Member ‘M‘YN/A
Departmental Associate (203)Member ‘M‘Y24 months
Newly Admitted Applicant (224)Student ‘S‘YN/A
Student (191)Student ‘S‘YN/A
UF Online Newly Admitted Applicant (260)Student ‘S‘YN/A
UF Online Non Reg Student (261)Student ‘S‘YN/A
UF Online Student (263)Student ‘S‘YN/A
Innovation Academy Student (253)Student ‘S‘NN/A
Distance Learning Student (214)Student ‘S‘YN/A
Non-Reg Student (216)Student ‘S‘YN/A
Distance Learning Applicant (212)Affiliate ‘L‘N2 months
Volunteer (202)Affiliate ‘L‘N24 months
Library Patron (207)Affiliate ‘L‘Y24 months
CE Participant (248)Affiliate ‘L‘NN/A
Student Applicant (190)Affiliate ‘L‘NN/A
UF Online Student Applicant (259)Affiliate ‘L‘NN/A
Prospective Student (292)Affiliate ‘L‘Y7 months
K-12 Student (255)Affiliate ‘L‘Y12 months
PKY K-12 Student (254)Affiliate ‘L‘Y12 months
Retiree (199)Affiliate ‘L‘NN/A
Retired Executive (289)Member ‘M‘YN/A
Retired Faculty (283)Affiliate ‘L‘YN/A
Recent Attendee (222)Affiliate ‘L‘YN/A
UF Online Recent Attendee (264)Affiliate ‘L‘YN/A
Former Student (215)Affiliate ‘L‘YN/A
Former Distance Learning Student (238)Affiliate ‘L‘NN/A
Former Applicant (265)Affiliate ‘L‘NN/A
Self-Service User (244)**Contact ‘P‘Y24 months
Unaffiliated UF Payee (239)Contact ‘P‘NN/A
Former Contact (247)Contact ‘P‘NN/A
UF Online Pre-Applicant (258)Contact ‘P‘NN/A
Pre-Applicant (211)Contact ‘P‘NN/A
Alumni (208)Alumni ‘A‘NN/A
* Maximum time an affiliation can be assigned to a user. In order to extend this relationship, the affiliation would have to be re-added.
** Affiliation is Self-Asserted meaning it can be renewed by the User