Role Naming Convention: User Security Roles

Finance Roles

Name Prefix Description Services Web Page
UF_AM Asset Management Asset Management
UF_AP Accounts Payable AR and Billing; Purchasing
UF_BANK Bank General Ledger and Budgets
UF_BP Budget Preparation General Ledger and Budgets
UF_CA Commitment Accounting Payroll
UF_CR_AR Customer Relations – Accounts Receivable AR and Billing
UF_CR_BI Customer Relations – Billing AR and Billing
UF_EX Travel and Expense Travel and Expense
UF_FI Finance General Ledger and Budgets
UF_GL General Ledger General Ledger and Budgets
UF_GM Grants Management Grants
UF_KK Commitment Control General Ledger and Budgets
UF_PC Capital Projects Asset Management
UF_PO Purchasing Purchasing and Payables
UF_QUERY Query Viewer General Ledger and Budgets
UF_WF Grants Workflow Grants
UF_WF_PO Purchasing Workflow Purchasing and Payables

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HR Roles

Name Prefix Description Services Web Page
UF_BN Benefits Benefits
UF_CA Commitment Accounting Payroll
UF_EPAF Electronic Personnel Action Form Hiring and Job Actions
UF_HR Human Resources, Job Actions, Additional Pay Hiring and Job Actions
UF_KA Commitment Accounting Payroll
UF_LOA Letters of Appointment Hiring and Job Actions
UF_PY Payroll Payroll
UF_TL Time and Labor Time and Labor

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Other Roles

Name Prefix Description Services Web Page
UF_AUDITOR Auditor General Ledger and Budgets
UF_EL Enterprise Learning Training
UF_ER_FI Enterprise Reporting – Finance Enterprise Reporting
UF_ER_HRPR Enterprise Reporting – Human Resources, Payroll Enterprise Reporting
UF_ER_PA Enterprise Reporting – Portal (including ARS) Enterprise Reporting
UF_ET_FPAR Effort Tracking – Faculty and Professional Activity Report Effort Tracking
UF_N Legacy Systems (pre-PeopleSoft) None
UF_N_DIR Directory Directory
UF_N_GJ GatorJobs (PeopleAdmin) Hiring and Job Actions
UF_PA Portal Portal
UF_QUERY Query Viewer General Ledger and Budgets
UF_SEC Security Security
UF_SF Student Financials Student

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